October 4th, 10AM – 5:30PM

We are excited that another gathering is taking shape! We invite you to come and hear from pastor, author and speaker Craig Etheredge about how we can continue to design and refine our efforts to “Lead our church to live like Jesus.”

Pastor Etheredge is passionate about following Jesus’s example by faithful obedience to make disciples. How much time does the average pastor and church leader spend cultivating and growing the next generation through making disciples? Based on the statistics from his book Bold Moves, it isn’t much! Let’s get closer to home…how much time do you spend intentionally making disciples? With all the demands on the average pastor or elder, does your disciple-making effort get sidelined? So many good things compete for attention and focus within our churches. It is so easy to allow our goals and ministry efforts to remain busy yet ineffective in answering the Great Commission. 

“What is required of leaders is godly wisdom and courage. Wisdom to know what to do, and courage to take a deep breath and do it.”

Pastor Etheredge has a devotion to Jesus and following His example in growing and maturing the body of Christ. Come and learn from him some of the means and ways Jesus used and how your church can continue to grow and mature in her obedience to her Master! With his years of coaching many churches to become more effective disciple makers, Pastor Etheredge will be a blessing to all in attendance.

Katie Fischer