Why Montana Bible College?

What sets MBC apart? In what ways is this school unique? While we share many things in common with other Christian universities, we want you to understand a few areas of focus that make this college unique.


Personal Discipleship

Discipleship is the primary emphasis of Montana Bible College. We believe it is critical that students learn the skills to disciple another man or woman and the humility to seek to be discipled themselves. Indeed, this is the heart of Jesus’ commission to His followers: “Go and make disciples of all nations . . .” (Matthew 28:19) We want students to leave MBC with a vision for ministering to God’s people by living a Godly life and calling others to follow them, be trained by them, even mimic them – saying with humility, “follow me as I follow Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). All students seeking a degree from MBC will be trained to engage their lives in the training of others unto maturity in Christ.

A Life of Academic Excellence

MBC’s definition of academic excellence may be somewhat unique. While not detracting from the importance of mastering information, we nevertheless maintain that the heart of academic excellence in Christian education is application/obedience. Our aim is to present men and women mature in Christ.


Focus on the “How” of Bible Study

Our focus is to teach students how to study God’s Word. To that end we introduce the tools of Bible study, instruct in the use of those tools, and offer supervised, hands-on experience. Bible exposition classes incorporate class sessions, individual assignments and personal study of the Scriptures.


Regional Relevance

Recognizing that the region surrounding Montana Bible College is made up of small towns with a few small cities and that the majority of churches worldwide consist of fewer than 200 people, we intentionally cultivate cultural understanding and ministry practices relevant for our context.


Faith Meets Culture

Recognizing that we live in a post-Christian culture that is increasingly hostile to the message of Christ, MBC trains students to be effective witnesses for Christ in the midst of the culture, living in the world but not being of the world, engaging the people and culture as ambassadors of the King.


Local Church Involvement

We require our students to be involved in a local church and choose areas in which to minister. We believe the Bible college that concentrates on such integration is rendering a service to the body of Christ and to its students. As a ministry both of and to the church, we serve the church by training the next generation of lay and vocational leaders.


No Debt and Without Dependence

Montana Bible College has chosen to be debt-free as an institution. We believe this is a matter of faithful stewardship and a God-honoring witness. We also want our students to graduate without the hindrances of college loans to pay off. Therefore, we require students to pay all outstanding tuition and fees before enrolling for another semester at MBC. Furthermore, though MBC is eligible for Federal Title IV funding, we have chosen not to participate. We wish to remain free from dependence on the government and free from the “strings” attached to government money. We would rather see God get the glory for providing the funds to equip His people!