It brings glory to God for men and women to hear His Word and respond to it in obedience, allowing it to transform their lives. Therefore, the College seeks to proclaim God’s unchanging Word accurately using methods that effectively reach a constantly changing culture. While mastering information is important, we nevertheless maintain that the heart of academic excellence in Christian education is obedience and application. Christian education that fails to reach those twin goals has failed, regardless of the amount of information imparted. Therefore, classes are taught in such a way that students learn how to study the Word and apply it.

Training of disciples at MBC will produce graduates who are:


  • Spiritually characterized by the habits of spiritual maturity, a commitment to the authority of Scripture, and a consistent devotional life whose outflow is exhibited in the fruit of the Spirit;
  • Intellectually characterized by the ability to study, interpret, and apply the Scriptures as they encounter the challenges of daily living, cultivating a Biblical worldview in which knowledge and practice are unified in the Christian’s life;
  • Socially characterized by a commitment to God-honoring relationships and the ability to communicate accurately the truths of Scripture in culturally relevant ways;
  • Physically characterized by a respect for one’s body as redeemed by Jesus and indwelt by the Holy Spirit;
  • Characterized in ministry by a consistent commitment to disciple-making, exhibited by a servant’s heart, a love for the Church, and a determined obedience to the Great Commission.