B.A. in Biblical Studies – Missions Emphasis

In fulfillment of the Lord’s Great Commission, the missions concentration is explicitly designed to prepare students for engaging an unbelieving population with the Gospel.  Classes in this concentration prepare students for the challenges of cross-cultural ministry whether abroad or at home.  Learning a language, cultural anthropology, theology of missions, and the pragmatics of missions are a few of the many issues addressed in course work.   The strong emphasis on discipleship in MBC’s curriculum will prepare students to disciple cross-culturally, as well.

The missions internship may be expanded to fulfill more credits than originally allocated if the student wishes to do a significant mission to fulfill this requirement.  Short-term trips used for internship credits are subject to approval by the academic dean.

In addition to the general objectives of the B.A. degree, students completing this concentration will be able to:

  1. Understand and differentiate cultural structures and anthropology.
  2. Engage in the rudiments of learning a foreign language.
  3. Observe and functionally engage another culture.
  4. Apply principles of developing a support team in the area of financial and prayer support.
  5. Understand the current hot topic issues of missions, particularly the areas of contextualization and local church and para-church relations.

See the MBC Catalog for more information such as core curriculum courses, concentration specific courses, and general education requirements.

NOTE:  MBC electives may be filled through any other class offered at MBC that is not already required for the missions concentration.  This includes, but is not limited to, Greek, Hebrew, additional Bible exposition classes, music classes, or classes required for another concentration.