Partner Prep

Preparing married couples for ministry...together.

Montana Bible College believes that when God calls a married couple to ministry, He calls them TOGETHER. Unfortunately, in many cases only one partner receives training, though the spouse is still expected to fulfill various ministry roles!

One goal of Montana Bible College is to help the entire family unit be prepared TOGETHER for ministry. With that in mind, MBC established Partner Prep so the spouses of degree-seeking MBC students can have access to the training that is so vital to their success. MBC has made available a selected set of courses for spouses to audit FREE OF CHARGE.

Approved Partner Prep Courses
Bible Study Methods Models of Biblical Change
Evangelism and Discipleship Family Development
Intro to Biblical Counseling Rural Church Ministry
Pastoral Leadership Teaching Children
Christian Mission Perspectives Survey of Doctrine
Biblical Peacemaking


The spouse will need to register for the courses through the  registrar’s office and have the waiver signed and submitted to the  business office prior to attending the course. The waiver is good  only for auditing. If the spouse wants to take the course for credit,  he/she must pay the entire cost of the course. If the degree-  seeking student drops below six credits, the spouse is ineligible  for auditing that semester.
Montana Bible College will not provide childcare. We suggest the families participating set up a cooperative childcare system amongst themselves.

Spouses who complete the entire Partner Prep program will receive a certificate and be recognized at commencement.