Youth and Outdoor Discipleship

Shepherding young people

B.A. in Biblical Studies – Youth & Outdoor Discipleship Concentration

A new frontier for discipleship is birthed with each new generation, and as the cutting edge of culture advances with the young, the church must engage the battle for their hearts.  At Montana Bible College, we believe that biblical principles of discipleship apply in every generation.  Still, discernment is needed to engage the worldview of young men and women and call them to follow Jesus.

The Outdoor Discipleship Concentration equips students to shepherd young people into relationship with Jesus and onward toward maturity in Christ and Kingdom ministry.  Students will learn how to apply discipleship principles to young people in the contexts of the local church, camp and adventure ministries, and personal relationships with small groups and individuals.  Outdoor adventure ministries are explored in depth both as a direct ministry tool and as a paradigm for discipleship by walking with young people through real-life situations.

We recognize that many young people make significant decisions for the Lord and take great strides in their faith when stretched and challenged in environments where distractions are removed and real-life challenges are confronted.  But, when the experience can easily overshadow the objective, it is important that leaders are competent to direct adventure participants toward the biblical and spiritual significance of their experiences.

In addition to the general objectives of the B.A. degree, students completing this concentration will be able to:

  1. Leverage real-life outdoor situations for their disciple-making potential.
  2. Lead and direct wilderness adventure ministry experiences in a manner that is safe, biblically grounded, and oriented toward the spiritual growth of the participants.

NOTE:  MBC electives may be filled through any other class offered at MBC that is not already required for the outdoor discipleship concentration.  These include, but are not limited to, Greek, Hebrew, additional Bible exposition classes, music classes, or classes required for another concentration.

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