Credit Transfer Policy

Montana Bible College will allow a student to transfer credits from other accredited schools (USDE, ABHE, Regional or CHEA approved), provided the student presents an official transcript showing grades of C or above on subjects parallel in content and credit value to courses in the Montana Bible College curriculum. Transfer students must earn a minimum of 32 credits at Montana Bible College in order to receive a bachelor’s degree through the College. Of these 32 credits, at least 9 credits must be earned in theology.

Credit transfer from non-accredited schools is subject to validation and occasionally limited to partial credit. MBC currently has credit transfer articulation agreements with 21 schools: Adelphia Bible School in Ravensdale, Washington; Alaska Bible Institute in Homer, Alaska; Arrowhead Bible College in Fishtail, Montana; Camp Big Horn, Plains, Montana; Cornerstone Bible Institute, Hotsprings, South Dakota; Ethnos360, Jackson Michigan; Ecola Bible School in Canon Beach, Oregon; Free Lutheran Bible School in Plymouth, Minnesota; Gather 4 Him Christian College in Richland, Washington; His Hill Bible School in Comfort, Texas; Hope School of the Bible, Agusta, Montana; Jackson Hole Bible College in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Montana Wilderness School of the Bible in Augusta, Montana; New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan; Nicolet Bible Institute in White Lake, Wisconsin; Pacific Bible College in Medford, Oregon; Ravencrest Chalet in Estes Park, Colorado; Solid Rock Discipleship Program in Long Prairie, Minnesota; Southland Bible Institute in Ashland, Kentucky; Timberland Lodge Bible Schoo, Winter Park, Colorado: Veritas Bible Institute, Pocatello, Idaho and Word of Life Bible Institute in Pottersville, New York. For questions about transferring credits from other non-accredited schools, please contact MBC.

NOTE: Credits taken under the quarter system transfer to the semester system at 3/5 value. A 5 credit class in the quarter system is worth 3 credits in the semester system. To make allowances for classes taken on a quarterly basis at other universities, the MBC academic committee may allow slight redistribution of the required credits between categories, provided the total semester hours equal the number required for the student’s concentration. For example, a student with seven hours of English may reduce the hours needed in social science to five.