Earn A Certificate in Biblical Studies

Montana Bible College offers a 31-credit Certificate in Biblical Studies

What will I gain?

    1. I will grow in foundational biblical and theological knowledge and be grounded firmly in the skills of biblical interpretation and application.
    2. I will live out my faith more confidently in the workplace, home, and church.
    3. I will learn the basic skills of discipleship with the ultimate goal of service in the local church, no matter my current or future occupation.
    4. I will prepare for service in the local church by exploring God’s call and gifting in my life for ministry alongside many opportunities to serve. I have a place in the body of Christ, even if I am not in a position of full-time service.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I mix daytime and evening courses to fit my schedule? Yes! MBC offers all of these courses each year during normal daytime hours. They are also scheduled on a rotating basis in the evening.
  • Can I simply take some courses for personal enrichment, but not with intent to complete the full certificate program? Yes! Any of these courses may be audited for personal enrichment.
  • What is the cost? MBC courses are $275 per credit. The cost to audit is $150 per class.
  • Are scholarships available? Many churches have programs whereby they scholarship their students for Bible college. Ask your local church.
  • How do I register? Simply apply to MBC (either online or paper). If you only want to take courses for personal enrichment, you may complete a short application form.

All these classes are offered each year during the daytime schedule.