Making your education affordable

Financial Information

MBC’s philosophy is that an education which prepares students for Christian service should not be available only to those who choose to go into debt or to those who can afford it by their own means. Nor should graduates be hindered in their ministry endeavors by student loan payments. Furthermore, MBC believes it is important to help committed students complete their educations, not just begin them. That is why MBC has chosen to keep its tuition cost low and why students who pursue financial aid tend to receive more assistance the longer they attend MBC.

Example of Total Tuition and Room Expenses (One Semester)

Tuition, 16 semester hours

Room fees – double occupancy $1,600.00
Student Services Fee $300.00
Books, estimated $200.00
Total $5,940.00

Incidental Expenses

Costs involved in one’s education, other than college fees, include such items as books, insurance, food, and personal expenses, which will vary according to the individual needs of each student. MBC does not have an institutional food service program, so students are responsible to prepare their own food in their apartment kitchens. Also, MBC students are strongly encouraged to carry an adequate health insurance policy if they are not covered under their parents’ policy.

Montana Bible College Fees

Tuition 1-15 hours $240.00 per hour
16-18 hours $3,840.00 per semester
19 or more hours $230.00 per additional hour
Single Student Housing Double Occupancy $1,600.00 per semester
Room Damage Deposits & Cleaning $250.00 (refundable)
Annual Maintenance Fee $50.00
Key Deposits $95.00 (refundable)
Married Student Housing Family Occupancy $675.00 – $725.00 per month
Apartment Damage Deposit $250.00 (refundable)
Key Deposits $95.00 (refundable)
Miscellaneous and One-Time Fees
Enrollment Deposit Required for all entering full-time students. Due by August 1st for those enrolling for Fall Semester and by December 1st for those enrolling for Spring Semester. $150.00 (applied to tuition)
Student Services Fee Students taking 6 or more credits or living on campus. $300.00 per semester
Application Fee Non-refundable and not applied toward payment of any other fee. $50.00
Drop Fee Due from degree-seeking students for each class drop after the semester begins. $10.00 per drop
Graduation Fee   $60.00
Lab Fees Due to the nature of certain courses such as the Dinosaur Dig and some Outdoor Discipleship classes, fees may apply for transportation or the purchase or rental of basic outdoor clothing and gear. These costs only apply if a student registers for such a course.  $90.00 – $150.00
Audit Fees No-credit personal enrichment courses $150.00 per credit hour

Fees are subject to change at any time.

Payment Plan Information

Montana Bible College offers two payment options to those students taking classes for credit. Under the Up Front Plan, all semester fees are due and payable by the Friday of registration week. Any student taking fewer than four credits is required to pay his or her total bill up front. Under the Monthly Payment Plan, a student may pay in equal installments for the cost of a semester’s tuition, fees, and room over a four-month period. There is a non-refundable $55 processing fee added to the current semester’s bill to set up and administer this payment plan. A student is not considered enrolled for the semester until the first installment is received. Failure to make the first payment on time will result in a student being withdrawn from all classes. Grade reports and transcripts will be withheld until the student’s account is paid in full. No student will be allowed to begin a semester until all charges are paid from the previous semester.

Title IV Eligibility

For the sake of clarity, please be advised that MBC has deliberately chosen not to participate in the federal financial aid program. The College wishes to remain free of any dependency on federal aid money, to avoid the “strings” that come attached to the federal aid program, and to do all in its power to protect its students from becoming encumbered with indebtedness.

Even without participating in the federal aid program, Montana Bible College is still able to benefit from being eligible. Montana Bible College is recognized as an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended, so its students may receive deferments under federal student loan programs, and so the institution may apply to participate in federal HEA programs other than student financial aid programs, including the Hope and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits. This means that MBC’s students receive the following benefits:

  1. MBC students may defer payment of student loans they’ve incurred while attending other schools.
  2. MBC students are able to take advantage of the tax benefits of attending a federally eligible institution, including deducting funds spent on tuition at MBC. MBC issues form 1098-T to each student at the end of the calendar year to provide proof of expenses and scholarship income related to attendance at Montana Bible College.
  3. MBC students are able to use Hope and Lifetime Learning credits (IRS Form 8863).
  4. MBC students may be eligible for regional and national scholarships that are only available to students attending federally eligible institutions.