We trust that you left MBC with a hunger to continue learning and growing in your relationship with the Lord and your ministry skills as you serve Him. Experience is a great teacher, and we know you’ll grow through your current ministry. Yet, in some cases, you should consider pursuing further training.

  • Perhaps God is calling you into an area of service that requires specialized training such as linguistics, a certified peacemaker or biblical counselor, or chaplaincy.
  • Maybe God is calling you to teach in an institution that requires a masters or doctorate degree. As a graduate of Montana Bible College, you are now qualified to pursue this kind of continuing education.
  • Perhaps you want to round out your MBC education with more courses from a concentration other than the one you took in your time at MBC. If you desire, you can actually attain another bachelor’s degree through MBC, and all your general education and core credits are done. You’d only have your concentration-specific courses left to complete!
  • You may find yourself realizing you need to brush up on language skills or take them to a new level with more training.

Should you go for it? We’d be happy to talk with you about your direction and plans. Why don’t you give us a call? (406-586-3585)