Hello Montana Bible College Community,
Perhaps many of you have already heard the news that Montana’s Governor announced this afternoon that our state will be going into a shelter-in-place mode starting Saturday morning.
I’m sure all of you have questions about how this affects you.  As citizens, it affects you just like everyone else – Montana Bible College does not need to instruct you on how to act as citizens.  These decisions are in the hands of our government.
Montana Bible College’s Crisis Response Team was meeting earlier today, and we were already discussing implications of such a potential order. We will be watching for the Montana Office of Public Instruction to issue its guidelines for educators.  Our Crisis Response Team will be meeting tomorrow morning, and we will release further information to you on any impacts to MBC.
We have already been gearing up for fully online instruction this week. So courses should continue.
We will be implementing new and creative ways to help all of you connect as the Montana Bible College community.  
For now, I would request that each of you pray for our leadership and for one another as we continue to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape.
We continue on with a sure hope in our God and with a mission to accomplish as we spread his good news in a world of desperate need. Encourage one another, dear brothers and sisters.  I believe God will use us in powerful ways!
With love in Jesus,