Enthusiastic Financial Partners Donate Two More Quilts!

In 2021 a couple who are long-time financial partners of MBC challenged others to match their $20,000 donation to the scholarship fund. Because they enjoy making quilts together and as a way of encouraging giving, they donated one of their beautiful, machine-quilted creations. In December a name was drawn from among all who donated $25 or more throughout the fall, and a person from WA received a lovely quilt for Christmas. And over $60,000 was raised for Scholarships!

Once again, this enthusiastic couple is donating two more quilts to highlight the needs of the general fund and are challenging others to work together to meet the $95,000 goal. With your help it IS possible. It would be wonderful and certainly praise-worthy to end the fiscal year without a deficit! Please consider giving a gift of $25 or more between March 1 and June 30th 2022, making you eligible to receive one of the quilts when the drawing takes place on that date.

With love in Jesus,



Ryan Ward, President