Student Housing

Housing Plan

During your Bible college days, your life will be challenged as never before. The daily, systematic teaching of God’s Word will be like the high-protein diet of an athlete in training. But that body-building nutrition will be transformed into responsive, powerful muscle only through the discipline and joy of daily training. One important dimension of your Bible college training will be that of living with fellow Christian students. In other words, how and where you live during your time at Bible college is not an incidental consideration – it is an integral part of your education. We have been blessed with great student housing options!

Residence Halls

The residence halls provide an attractive, comfortable community for students living on-campus. All single student apartments are furnished. All dorm students must provide their own kitchen supplies (dishes, silverware, etc). High-speed Internet and wireless network connections are available throughout the residence halls.

Dayspring Hall

Completed in 2007, Dayspring Hall is home to the men’s residence apartments on the upper two floors and the college’s student union facility on the lowest level.

Cornerstone Hall

Completed in 2005, Cornerstone Hall houses women’s residence apartments.

Providence Hall

Completed in 2014, Providence Hall houses the married student apartments in the upper floor, and the college’s library, study center and computer lab on the first floor. There are five two-bedroom apartments and one single bedroom apartment.


Contact our office today to schedule a tour of our amazing campus here in Bozeman, MT. You’ll have the opportunity to sit in some classes and even participate in one of our weekly chapel gatherings.