Montana Bible College (MBC) is debt free. Because the college board has practiced wise stewardship, our rainy day funds will sustain us for another year. Also, we are thankful for the 18 active applications for the upcoming semesters. And, this is exciting news, we have a dear partner of the college who has been moved by God to put before us a $100,000 matching gift. This generous gift will help MBC stay on mission. Recently, this gift was liquidated and is now available.

In the wake of COVID, our student enrollment has dropped from 68 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) to 50 FTEs. Based on the college’s no-debt policy, our students pay as they go and have been hit especially hard. Because of the restrictions related to COVID, many of them have lost work income. Others have temporarily put their education on hold. Due to these factors, MBC faces a $260,000 deficit the fiscal year ending June 30.

Now is a great time to partner with MBC and help propel forward its mission of training men and women for a lifetime of dynamic Christian living and service. Your gift can have double the impact, helping meet the current and future needs of the school. MBC is also seeking to develop creative income streams as outlined in its strategic plan.

Great things are happening. In spite of all the challenges facing us today, our students testify to God’s faithfulness. MBC is making the transition into new offices and classroom facilities, migrating to a new college management software and thanking God for our excellent teachers along with exceptional new hires. You can help with our pressing student enrollment and budget needs by taking advantage of the $100,000 matching fund.

By Ryan Ward, President of MBC