There are good reasons to take Bible college courses even if you are not pursuing a degree.

  • Deepen your relationship with Jesus.
  • Solidify your faith with solid biblical grounding.
  • Equip yourself to serve in a particular area of your local church.
  • Sharpen ministry skills.
  • Study a topic of interest.

Becoming a personal enrichment student is a simple process. There are just a few things of which you’ll want to be aware.

Should you take courses for credit or audit?

Taking courses for credit requires that you do all the assigned work and receive a grade for the course. A student auditing a course is considered a regular participant in the class, except that there is no requirement to turn in written assignments or take examinations. At the end of the semester, an “AU” is entered on the student’s transcript.

Montana Bible College encourages students to take courses for full credit. This provides you with more accountability and incentive to get the most out of the course. In addition, you will not have to repeat the course should you later decide to pursue a degree.

What is the cost difference between for-credit and audit?

For-credit courses are $400 per credit hour. Auditing costs $200 per course.

Is there space available for me in the course I want?

MBC gives priority to degree-seeking and for-credit students, meaning that personal enrichment and auditing are on a space-available basis. Generally, courses have room for a few extra students, but MBC reserves the right to cap its courses if needed.

How do I register for courses?

The short-form application is a simple form so we have basic information about you. There is no cost. Simply fill out the form below, click submit, and wait for us to contact you!

Short Application

Students may take one or two classes in a semester as a special (non-degree seeking) student and complete this short application in lieu of the regular form. Should you decide to take 3 or more classes at Montana Bible College or pursue a one-year certificate or a BA degree, you must complete the “Application for Admission” process. Please note that all students taking 6 or more credits in any semester pay a $450 student services fee for the benefits of Internet services, ID card, weekly campus meal, banquets, etc.