MBC faculty and students are all involved in the ministries of our local churches, but we do all we can to assist you and the ministry of your church as well! Here are some ways you might bring the ministry of MBC to you!

Pulpit Supply

Your church may be in need of pulpit supply from time to time. Perhaps your pastor is on vacation, sabbatical, or medical leave. Perhaps your church is in a transition time between pastors. Maybe you feel it’s important for the people of your congregation to be exposed to the ministry of Montana Bible College through the preaching of the Word. In any case, Montana Bible College faculty are happy to assist your church with pulpit supply. We can also work with you to bring mature and qualified MBC students to fill your pulpit. For more information, or to request this ministry in your church, please e-mail Ryan Ward or call the MBC office at 406-586-3585.

Speaking at Retreats, Camps, Seminars and Events

MBC faculty are also available, schedules permitting, to speak for your retreats, camps, seminars and events. It is a joy for us to serve the regional church in this way. Our faculty are experienced speakers in these situations. It is a privilege to look into the Scriptures with you. To discuss possibilities of this nature, please e-mail Ryan Ward or call the MBC office at 406-586-3585.


Though not our primary ministry, MBC is able to offer help to churches in need of consultation when schedules permit. Various faculty members are able to assist in coaching you through conflict or difficult counseling situations. We are able to provide help to churches beginning the pastoral search process. We can point you to good resources for various areas of ministry and help you think through how to carry out the ministry God has given you in your particular situation and circumstances. For consultation help, please call 406-586-3585.