The MBC Community

Montana Bible College grows every year into a family of brothers and sisters. We pray together, study together, work together, and play together. Some of the best friendships you will ever make are formed when we live as a tight-knit community seeking to know and love Jesus and abide in His Word.  Come and experience the joy of maturing in Christ with us as you discover the path God has for your future!

Student Ministry

Montana Bible College aims to get you doing, not just knowing! We believe strongly in application. We believe God has called the local church to bring the light of the gospel to the world around it. We believe in an education that integrates with life. We believe that a vital part of your maturing and developing as an effective disciple of Christ is hands-on. Therefore, student involvement in ministry is a priority.

Of first importance is your active and faithful participation in a strong local church. Ministry involvement in such a church or Christian ministry is encouraged during the student’s first year, and required during following years. Students may engage in ministries geared for the strengthening of believers within the church such as Sunday schools, youth programs, counseling or Bible studies. They may also engage in ministries aimed at loving and reaching the lost such as prison ministries, pregnancy caring center ministries, international student outreach, hospice volunteering and summer camp counseling. And this is by no means an exhaustive list! We want our students serving according to their God-given gifting and passions.

Student Employment

Students wishing to obtain employment during the school year are encouraged to do so at a level that does not interfere with their learning. Billings has a large service sector, making for many entry-level jobs. Montana Bible College has intentionally scheduled classes Monday through Thursday to allow students the opportunity for more significant work and study time on Fridays.

Placement of students following graduation is considered a joint venture between the student and Montana Bible College. While we cannot guarantee placement in a chosen field, we are continually seeking opportunities for students.

RA Reference Form

“What I learned in Bible College has prepared me for the ‘practical’ side of ministry because the foundations of discipline, biblical knowledge, counseling, shepherding, and interacting with people were developed.” 

Kyle Lockhart (Bachelor’s Graduate & Senior Pastor)