Welcome to the Giving Page! We are so thankful that God has blessed Montana Bible College with so many loving and generous people like yourself. If you have any questions or need to talk to someone about a unique or creative way of supporting MBC, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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A large donation that accomplishes a HUGE area of the Strategic Plan

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• Housing
• New Campus


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  • 92.5% 92.5%
RAISED: $87,862

Many folks like you have acted and given according to your means.  Together you are making a difference!  Not only are needs being met, but lives are being changed—each one is a story that God is writing!

Designated giving this year has been tremendous so far.  Together we’re meeting needs for scholarships, for staff housing help, for needed work in our dorms, and for reliable transportation for college groups.
As we look ahead to finishing the fiscal year on June 30, our operations budget still needs a boost.  Though the student numbers increased this year, we haven’t built back up to pre-COVID numbers where we need to be for a balanced budget.  In January 2022, we projected being $95K short for operations.  So we are eager to see how the Lord will provide by June 30!


GOAL: $95,000+


Scholarships for Students
GOAL: $100,000

RAISED: $61,172

  • 61% 61%

MBC is committed to graduating students debt-free!  Our students pay as they go.  Almost all of them work jobs in addition to being full-time students.  Scholarships can make all the difference in helping students finish their education!  You can help!

Staff Housing
GOAL: $48,000

RAISED: $50,000

  • 104% 104%

Thanks to a very generous donation God has answered our prayers of being able to help staff reduce the impact of rising costs of living in Bozeman, MT. Thank you for being a part of this much needed goal!

Student Recruitment
GOAL: $5,000

RAISED: $220

  • 4% 4%

It costs money to recruit students. MBC is very careful and strategic in its use of recruitment funds. Nevertheless, it costs money to host a student visit day, travel to meet a strategic group, print for mailings, produce a video, or get word out online. You can help us reach mission fit students who can be trained to be faithful witnesses for Jesus in this world!

Staff Continuing Education
GOAL: $20,000


  • 0% 0%

MBC has a highly qualified staff and faculty. Over 90% of our faculty have advanced degrees. But part of being a great teacher or administrator is being a great learner. We have multiple staff and faculty who are pursuing continuing education in order to carry out MBC’s mission even better. You can help support the development of MBC’s excellent people!

Student Vehicles
GOAL: Donated Cars


  • 0% 0%

MBC students need vehicles to drive to their jobs, to get groceries, and so on. Most are driving older vehicles. Inevitably, a major breakdown occurs, leaving some students in a tight situation. Or, as happened recently, one of our students was hit by a drunk driver who fled the scene. If you have a used vehicle that could be donated to a student in need, this could be a huge blessing!

Staff Recruitment
GOAL: $40,000


  • 0% 0%

MBC runs with a tight staff – just 10 full time and 5 part time staff/faculty. There are about a dozen adjunct faculty who teach just one or two courses. We have an EXCELLENT team, but we could really use more players on that team. A major goal of ours is to add a funds development person who can help us add alternative income streams and forge relationships with additional financial partners. Maybe you would like to help make that happen!


Classroom Technology
GOAL: $10,000


  • 0% 0%

The last couple of years have changed the way classrooms need to be designed in order to accomodate online learning and the sharing of information. By upgrading the technology in classrooms, MBC will not only be able to accomodate these situations, but will also be able to broaden our audience and offer some new and exciting remote learning opportunities.

Library Resources
GOAL: $8,000


  • 0% 0%

The Gail Horton Library at MBC is in need of several new editions of books, multiple pieces of furniture need to be replaced, and a lot of the artwork needs to be updated. Help us make the library a more robust, inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment for students to gather for study groups and times of fellowship.

School Van

RAISED: $40,000
SECOND GOAL: $40,000

  • 100% 100%
Some extremely generous financial partners took us above and beyond our expectations.  They supplied additional funding to surpass the basic need and helped us purchase a 2016 Ford Shuttlebus for nearly $40,000.  This vehicle may open up an additional income stream as well as meet our transportation needs.


MBC Vehicle
GOAL: $25,000

RAISED: $34,451

  • 138% 138%

MBC was recently blessed with an extremely generous donation that was designated for this exact need of having a multi-use vehicle on campus. The new addition of the 2018 Honda Odyssey is truly an answer to our prayers and we are beyond thankful to God and the people that made this possible.

Multimedia Studio
GOAL: $4,000


  • 1% 1%

As technology advances so does the need for utilizing these advances to reach more people with the Gospel. Help MBC turn one of our office spaces into a fully-functional multimedia studio. The addition of microphones, lighting, camera equipment, sound proofing, backdrops, staging items, tables, and chairs will help us acheive this goal.

Alternative Income Streams
GOAL: 4 Income Streams


  • 0% 0%

A key initiative of MBC’s Strategic Plan is to start alternative income streams.  Recognizing the changes in our culture and regulatory environment, MBC’s Board believes that for Bible college education to be sustainable and debt-free, it must be supplemented.  Alternative revenue streams, done right, can be training grounds for students, can bless the community by meeting needs, and can provide funds to advance the college’s mission.  But whether small or large, a coffee hut or an assisted living facility, income streams need start-up capital.  Maybe you have a key component – a capital donation; a building for use; the expertise to oversee startups.  If so, talk to us!

Campus Development
GOAL: $14,000,000


  • 0% 0%

MBC is so thankful for the campus we have so far – 3 buildings – debt free! Yet we still lack our own classroom and chapel space. We still lack student activity / multi-purpose space. And we have a long-range vision of a campus that incorporates multiple mission-fit income streams where students are trained and employed and ministering. It is MBC’s vision to have an excellent campus, able to serve our needs, whether adding to the campus we have or re-locating in the area. Maybe you have land and a heart to see it used for God’s kingdom. Maybe you have resources to help make a new building possible. Maybe you have connections to a person who can help.


Campus Signage Updates
GOAL: $4,500


  • 0% 0%

The signs on campus need a facelift and the need for more signs on nearby roads would help spread the word about MBC’s presence in the area. Want to help us out? $800 could handle a sign. $4500 could handle the whole project.

Apartment Improvements
GOAL: $30,000

RAISED: $30,000

  • 100% 100%

MBC’s student housing is such a blessing! Yet buildings have needs. MBC is committed to stewarding our resources well. Currently, we have lots of flooring that is showing its age and ready for replacement. We also have windows that have lost their seal and need replacing. $4000 could floor an apartment (7 needed). $300 can replace a window. $3,000 would fix them all!

Apartment Furnishings
GOAL: $18,000


  • 0% 0%

One small income stream MBC could realize is the rental of open apartment space during the summers when quite a few of our students are home or on ministry assignments. We intend to rent to people who share our values and especially bless fellow believers. But such apartments need queen beds rather than bunk beds. They need coffee pots and cookware and towels and decorations (things students bring when they move in). Maybe you would help us outfit an apartment for rental. Just a basic bed and mattress is around $1000. Or outfit the whole apartment with two beds and all the other items for $3000.