The Montana Bible College catalog and the MBC student handbook are critical documents for your success as a student.



The catalog provides you with the guidelines for curriculum under which you will graduate and the policies for every aspect of your academic success.


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Student Handbook

The student handbook outlines the guidelines for growth and maturity in your life as a student.  The handbook guidelines are not to be seen as rules enforced by MBC, since conformity to rules does not change a heart.  Instead, they display characteristics we wish for students to embrace.  In the process of growing as an MBC student, you will be asked to love the ideals of a life dedicated to obedience to Jesus’ teaching.  The guidelines are meant to help us begin to see how Scripture affects the everyday habits we develop.  Eventually all students will leave MBC.  We want you to leave with a love for following Scripture.  Conformity to rules, though necessary at times, does not accomplish this.  If we wish to honor the Lord’s name in every aspect of our being (i.e., the Greatest Commandment – Matthew 22:34ff), we need to embrace Godly character in our hearts.