Community and Setting

Living at Montana Bible College

The Bozeman Trail

Montana Bible College is located in Bozeman, Montana, where the scenery has changed a bit since the 1863 expedition of John Bozeman and John Jacobs to find a route connecting the gold rush at Virginia City to the Oregon Trail. These days, Bozeman is a hub of activity fueled by the draw of its beautiful location as well as such area attractions as Yellowstone National Park, the Bridger Bowl and Big Sky ski resorts, and the Museum of the Rockies. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University with a student population of more than 17,000.

Bozeman is an exceptional setting. Our students enjoy easy access to outdoor recreation like backpacking, snowboarding, biking, hunting and fishing. Bozeman’s many businesses provide employment opportunities. MBC students are able to take advantage of the close proximity of Montana State University for both education and ministry.

Yet the Gallatin valley is bigger than Bozeman: small towns and agriculture surround the city. Indeed, MBC’s unique specialization in equipping for ministry in the town and country church is well-suited to a state of 363 towns and cities, 232 of which (64%) have fewer than 300 people. Of the remaining 131 towns larger than 300, just 7 cities (2%) have more than 10,000 people!

Gateway to the World

The heart of Jesus is global. His commission to make disciples is global. The mission of every church, whether in small-town America or the big city, is global. And though the truth of the gospel looks the same the world over, wise shepherds and missionaries must bring this gospel and establish and shepherd the Church in very diverse settings. Because of our setting in Montana, we are uniquely fitted to specialize in town and country ministry. But because our calling is global we train all our students to have a global heart, and we train some specifically for cross-cultural ministry, whether to an American Indian tribe in Montana or a people group across the world. Since the majority of places and churches in the world are small, we believe our specialization brings an added strength to our cross-cultural training.

Bozeman sits on Interstate 90. You can fly out of Bozeman to anywhere in the world. And students from all over the world are coming to Montana State University. Combine our calling with our setting, and MBC students and graduates truly have a gateway to the world!