Why your donation matters:


  • The church of Jesus Christ desperately needs disciples who multiply. Montana Bible College exhists to glorify God by training men and women for dynamic Christian living and service!
  • MBC is releasing trained disciple-makers who have no college debt. Since debt has a tendency to cripple a graduate’s ability to work in ministry, MBC does not offer debt financing.
  • MBC is not dependent on the government. Our Board of Directors has chosen NOT to participate in Federal Title IV funding even though we are an eligible institution. We do not want the “strings” that may be attached to this money, and even more importantly, we want God to get the glory for providing for His kingdom work!
  • MBC keeps tuition low! How do we accomplish this?
    1. We work diligently to keep overhead extremely low and to be excellent stewards of the resources God entrusts to us.
    2. We have an excellent relationship with Grace Bible Church whereby MBC is the beneficiary of generous classroom and office space.
    3. MBC has a no-debt policy, so we have no interest to pay on property or buildings or equipment.
  • MBC believes in affordability and excellence! We do not want finances to hinder the training and releasing of disciple-makers. Nor will we settle for offering a low-quality education.
  • MBC students do not cover the full cost of their education. Only about 60% of MBC’s operating budget is met by the income generated by tuition, housing, and student fees. This means that God faithfully supplies the remaining 40% of the budget by other means – namely, the joyful generosity of His people!
  • Hardworking, excellent students who have full-time course loads AND work jobs to support themselves are hindered by finances. Many of our students are battling fatigue as they seek to study hard, yet face the financial pressure to work more. Most are extremely frugal, shopping at second hand stores and eating inexpensive food. Most of our students are eager to pursue greater ministry opportunities while in school, but are hindered by the need to work more hours.
  • Your scholarship or general fund donation will cause many expressions of thanks to overflow to God! (2 Corinthians 9:12)